Awards - Saskatoon

The Award of Innovation recognizes the transference of University of Saskatchewan discoveries into the marketplace. The award, sponsored by Innovation Place and Innovation Enterprise (formerly Industry Liaison Office), includes a $5,000 cash prize.

Eligible nominees include University of Saskatchewan employees and students who have disclosed to ILO the development of new technology with commercialization potential. Award recipients are chosen by a selection committee comprised of representatives from the University of Saskatchewan and Innovation Place.

The award is presented annually at the Celebrate Success Gala, hosted by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.

For more information or to obtain a nomination form, visit the Innovation Enterprise website.


2017 Dr. Stephen Foley, Hiwa Salim and Loghman Moradi

  Dr. John Gordon

2016 Dr. Khan Wahid

2015 Vladimir Vujanovic and Jim Germida

2014 Dr. Pierre Hucl and Dr. Curtis Pozniak

2013 Dr. Vipen Sawhney

2012 Eric Neufeld and Chad Jones

2011 Ajay Dalai, Hui Wang and Jianguo Zhang

2010 Dr. John P. Giesy

2009 Dr. Andrew A. Potter and Dr. Martin Reaney

2008 Dr. Larry Fowke and Dr. Stephen Attre

2007 Dr. John Gordon

2006 Deborah Haines and Brian Chelack

2005 Dr. Marianna Foldvari

2004 Dr. David Maenz, Dr. Hank Klassen and Dr. Rex Newkirk

2003 Dr. Kailash Prasad

2002 Dr. Jeremy Lee and Dr. Palok Aich


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