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imii's DEMOday showcases local innovations to major mining companies

The following news release was issued by IMII, an Innovation Place tenant in Saskatoon.

Mining Supply Chain Companies to Present Innovations Directly to Saskatchewan's Major Minerals Companies at First Ever DEMOday

Innovation is important to Saskatchewan's minerals industry and the province. That is
why the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) was formed in 2012, and introduced new funds to support research, development and demonstration of innovations that matter to mining in 2017.

It is also why IMII, in cooperation with the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA), is introducing DEMOday in 2018.

DEMOday 2018 is a first-time event in which supply chain companies can present their innovations directly to Saskatchewan's major mining companies and have them considered for further review and potentially financial and in-kind support, to help move them down the path to commercialization.

Read the full news release.

Dates to Remember

DEMOday 2018 takes place in Saskatoon on Tuesday, April 10.

Application deadline is Friday, February 2.

For more information visit the IMII website.

- January 8, 2018

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