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The Atrium Business Centre in Saskatoon has a new tenant, but this particular tenant,, is no stranger to the Innovation Place community.

Have you met the woman behind the URL? Even if you’ve not officially been introduced, the chances are good that you’ve admired Katrina German’s work over the past 15 years. Katrina’s the ultimate communications professional, and she’s not afraid to blaze new trails.

One place you’ve likely spotted Katrina’s handiwork is on Twitter. You see, she’s a bit of an ‘early adopter’. Katrina was using the microblogging platform long before Kanye signed on, was a social media strategist before it became an it-job, and was fast to tap into Twitter’s potential as a money-making medium. Fun fact: her account, @Katrinavision, is on the verge of reaching 20,000 followers!

But she’s not all about Twitter. As a multi-faceted communicator, Katrina works with — and
beyond — the written word; she has a deep understanding of video as a communications medium, and she spent four years as CEO of a powerful storytelling video platform. She’s also worked as Manager of Technology Startups and Commercialization for Innovation Saskatchewan, also located at Innovation Place, where she helped build and strengthen connections among Saskatchewan’s tech sector.

Katrina brings a lot to the table, and she knows how to make it work for her clients, which is exactly why she’s in the Atrium Business Centre (office M—it’s the one with the cozy couch and the welcoming décor!). Her business allows her to call upon her wealth of experience and ability to create the best custom digital marketing strategy for the businesses she works with.

Because Katrina knows what it’s like to be CEO of a company, she ‘gets’ the need to see the return on investment (ROI) on social media, email marketing and other digital approaches. She works with tech companies and with ‘traditional’ businesses to ensure that the effort put into social media turns into a measurable benefit.

Her consulting service attracts clients of all sizes to the park, and her location within Innovation Place means that she’s easily accessible for tenants, too. With a goal to help clients reach their audiences, Katrina puts her brand’s (fantastic) tagline—I Make Good Ideas Louder—into action. Through a mix of automation, delegation, testing and experimentation, she ensures the best possible ROI for the work these clients do on digital platforms.

There’s good reason why the corporate-lingo initialism of ‘ROI’ keeps popping up. In Katrina’s line of work, it’s really, truly all about the ROI. Why? An incomplete digital strategy can affect success long before a prospective client crosses a businesses’ (real or virtual) threshold. As Katrina explains it, “People will search for your service online before they make contact with you. A lot of times, businesses don’t get a chance to speak to a potential client because of their online representation.” In short, first impressions actually are everything, and any business would be wise to have Katrina teach them how to crank the volume on their good ideas so they can watch the positive ROI come rolling in.

Another fun fact: it’s not just pixels and tweets for Katrina. She’s well into the final rounds of edits of her first book! The book—title forthcoming—focuses on the processes she’s built throughout her career and will serve as a helpful resource to current and potential clients. Stay tuned to for more information that’ll be coming soon, as she’s working towards a late-fall publishing date.

Ready to make the most of your social media efforts? Make an appointment with Katrina to chat all things digital, and be sure to sign up for her free online video training program right here!

Contact information:
Katrina German
Phone: 306.261.5288

- August 31, 2018


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