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tree removal


Arborists will be continuing to work in the parking area north of 116 Research Drive on Wednesday, July 18 (see map).

Their location is expected to change throughout the week. Watch for subsequent notices providing the new work area information. Please continue to avoid these areas for your safety and the safety of the workers. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to complete this project as quickly as possible. The arborists' work is an important part of our overall management plan.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

used @ innovation place


Innovation Place tenants are welcome to advertise office items, lab equipment and related materials on the scene.

See current items for sale here.

safety and security tips

saskatoon & regina

Now that the pleasant weather is here, we are all able to get out to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. While doing so, please be mindful to ensure your personal belongings, vehicles and work spaces are safe and secure.


  • Remove all belongings from your vehicles or keep them out of sight
  • Lock all doors
  • Ensure windows are fully closed


  • Always lock your bike using a strong lock. U-locks or chain-style locks are considered the most effective
  • Use the onsite bike lockers (nominal fee - available in Saskatoon and Regina) or the bike storage facility (free - available in Saskatoon only)
  • Remove your bike daily—please do not leave your bike overnight or over the weekend
  • Saskatoon: register your bike with City of Saskatoon police
    (Note: this service is not availabe in Regina at this time)


  • Ensure your suite door is locked and latches upon exit
  • Ensure the building exterior doors latch upon exit


  • Saskatoon: Report any suspicious person(s) or behaviours to University of Saskatchewan Protective Services at 306.966.5555
  • Regina: Report any suspicious person(s) or behaviours to University of Regina Campus Security at 306.585.4999

If you note any deficiencies that require the attention of Innovation Place, please submit a service request.

parking reminder

saskatoon & regina

Please park your vehicle immediately to the right or left of the electrical pedestal for the stall you are parked in. If there is no electrical pedestal, you are not parked in a designated parking stall or you are parked incorrectly.  Parking incorrectly may result in a ticket.

Note: Motorcycle and convertible parking permits are now available to Innovation Place tenants.

For more parking information visit:

Saskatoon Tenant Resources - Parking
Regina Tenant Resources - Parking

galleria window installation


Windows are being installed on the main and second floor of the north and east facades of the Galleria building.

Please comply with posted signage, as some areas on the north and east sides of the building will be obstructed during construction.

Access to the exterior stairs and patios will be restricted (see map). While these areas are still available for emergency egress (see gate noted on the north side of the fenced area), we encourage you to use an alternate entrance for regular access to the building.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this exciting project.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

update: steam room renovations


Renovations to the steam rooms in the Fitness Centre began June 18. In order to complete the repairs in a timely fashion, the change rooms, showers and steam rooms will be closed for the duration of construction, which is expected to be complete by July 31. 

The Fitness Centre itself (weights/cardio, studio and squash courts) will remain open and available for use during construction. For more detail, including instructions on Fitness Centre access and locker use during renovations, please click here.

We thank you for your patience during this maintenance period. If you have questions please contact

emergency response guidelines

saskatoon & regina

Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency?

Read more about the Emergency Response Guidelines at Innovation Place. Designate your muster point and be aware of the procedures in place.

Saskatoon tenants - Emergency Response Guidelines
Regina tenants - Emergency Response Guidelines

service request form

all locations

Do you have a maintenance request? All non urgent requests can be submitted using the Service Request form.

For more information about some of the services we provide, visit the following websites.

Saskatoon Tenant Resources
Regina Tenant Resources

For emergency requests, please contact us:
  • Saskatoon - 306.933.8115
  • Regina - 306.798.7275
  • Prince Albert - 1.888.933.6295

common area events

No common area events scheduled this week

regina No common area events scheduled this week

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