Waste Management at Innovation Place

Waste management is an important aspect to our sustainability and green efforts. It refers to:

  • The reduction of waste;
  • The non-generation of waste; and
  • The appropriate disposal of waste.

As such, we have waste management plans in place for recyclables, organics and trash. We perform waste audits. And we make an effort to provide opportunities for education related to waste diversion and management through our Sustainability Series lunch and learns.

Waste Management Map - Saskatoon
See locations of tri-stream bins (recycle, compost, garbage), large bin recycling and electronics recycling at Innovation Place in Saskatoon.

For more information, contact Facilities Manager Gaelan McGregor.

Recycling Locations Map - Regina
See locations of large recycling bins at Innovation Place in Regina.

For more information, contact

Composting at Innovation Place in Saskatoon

Compost in Your Space

On Friday, November 8, Innovation Place handed out workspace bins to Saskatoon tenants. Ryan and Jenna from Loraas Organics and Innovation Place Facilities Manager Gaelan McGregor were on hand to answer questions.

Bins will continue to be distributed to tenants throughout the park.

Compost in Common Spaces

There are currently 11 tri-stream bins (recycle, compost, garbage) located in main floor common spaces throughout the park.

Click here for a map showing the approximate common space locations of the tri-stream bins where you can recycle and compost.

What You Can Compost

Plant-based waste, fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc. as well as breads, grains, pasta, soiled food-contaminated fibres (napkins and some containers), proteins, bones and solidified dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and solid butter.

View the Loraas Organics composting guide

Sustainability at Innovation Place

Innovation Place has a long history of promoting environmental sustainability in all aspects of its business. The result is exceptional building design and progressive work environments.

An integrated design approach focuses on the overall life cycle of a building, minimizing environmental impact during construction and reducing resource use during operation. In 2008, Innovation Place was recognized for this highly successful approach, receiving the IPAC Award for Innovative Management.

All multi-tenant buildings in Saskatoon and Regina have achieved BOMA BEST certification, recognizing excellence in energy and environmental performance. Buildings are recertified every three years and audited by a third party.

Innovation Place is also home to LEED Gold certified buildings in Saskatoon (121 Research Drive) and Regina (2 Research Drive). The certification is an internationally accepted benchmark for high performance green buildings.

A long term commitment to sustainable buildings provides tenants with superior air quality, low levels of off-gassing from building materials and enhanced access to daylight. A beautiful, eco-friendly landscape with attractive public spaces offers the perfect setting for collaboration among tenants and investors.

A high quality work environment, inside and out, creates an inspiring setting for employees and supports corporate recruitment and marketing efforts.

Recycling in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council provides a wealth of resources on recycling at home and in the workplace.

Access their searchable database to learn more about acceptable materials and locations.