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Senior Manager, Building Operations - Saskatoon

I look after the Building Operations division of Innovation Place. My days are always a little different but are primarily based around problem solving – my favourite part of the job. It can sometimes be as small as making a minor tweak in our day-to-day operations, or as complex as visioning sessions involving all our buildings, creating strategies that stretch years down the road.

Innovation Place gave me an opportunity to leave residential property management and enter a business environment where we care about our assets, our staff and helping companies succeed. I have learned so much over the years and have been able to expand my learning beyond property management and into maintenance operations.

My proudest work moment was running into an old Huskie Volleyball buddy who was working on a food delivery app out of his basement. I told him about this cool Co-Working Space we had just completed at Innovation Place in Saskatoon. He agreed to take a look and ended up leasing a small office space for himself and his two employees. Since that time, it has been very rewarding watching SkipTheDishes grow to be an international success story while all starting with its humble beginnings at Innovation Place.

The work culture at Innovation Place cannot be matched. There is so much collaboration and teamwork that goes on here. Even my worst days at Innovation Place are better than anywhere else I’ve worked. In the summers, I spend most of my lunch hours in the seating area outside the Galleria building. You'll often see me eating a wrap and listening to a fantasy football podcast. It's my Zen.

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Administrative Assistant - Saskatoon

I love that I have direction on what my responsibilities are, the tools to get it done and the freedom to set my own priorities. I regularly take on new responsibilities for other departments and prioritize my tasks to accommodate the needs of my colleagues.

On a regular basis I open the office and prepare for daily meetings, maintain the employee calendar, code invoices and create purchase orders, prepare expense reports, order office supplies and promotional items, direct phone calls, handle mail distribution and courier arrangements, and provide documentation for Executive and Board meetings.

The health benefits at Innovation Place enable me to take care of my family without the financial stress of paying for medications, dental hygiene, ophthalmic services and chiropractic exams. The park environment is second to none, inside and out. I enjoy going for walks through the Garden Park during the summer and equally enjoy sitting the Galleria common area where you can listen to the water sounds and admire the plants and koi.

Innovation Place is in a league of its own when it comes to employee engagement. The constructive culture training offered to all employees ensures we are providing top notch customer service and sharing our purpose with internal and external stakeholders.

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Senior Manager, Client Relations - Regina

In my position, I look after the business development, leasing and property management. This gives me a different insight into the company than what many others may have.

What I like best about working at Innovation Place is that there is no typical work day. This leads to a variety of tasks that help contribute to the overall success of the park. I also get to look after the nicest real estate portfolio in the province.

My favourite place in the park is easily the Terrace Rotunda at 10 Research Drive. With lots of natural light, it’s a great place to work for an hour or so.

I left the private sector and returned to Innovation Place for one reason - the culture. I realized quickly that private real estate companies were not investing in this aspect of business. Everything seemed to be driven by the bottom line which can result in a negative, 'win at all costs' culture.

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Operating Engineer - Saskatoon

Balancing the dual roles of my position is like having the best of both worlds. As an Energy Centre Operator, I help with all of our yearly equipment teardowns and new installations. As a Building Operator, I participate in many interesting projects, from assisting with greenhouse upgrades to hanging huge taxidermy mounts. In both cases I think the most enjoyable aspect for me is working with a dedicated team.

Working in the Energy Centre is awesome! I have a great supervisor who values and respects my opinions and efforts, a great team of operators who share responsibilities and workload, and a great team of tradespeople to rely on. Together, we maintain our equipment to a high standard and take pride in our plant.

While I value the salary and retirement plan at Innovation Place, I also appreciate the intangible benefits of working here. For example, I like being home in 10 minutes, even during rush hour, unlike similar positions outside Innovation Place where you have to fly in and out every week.

Since starting here. I achieved the Third Class Power Engineering designation, something I never dreamed of attaining a few short years ago. I’ve also taken a number of work-related courses - an opportunity I never had with previous employers.

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Property Administrator - Saskatoon

As part of Client Relations, I deal directly with our tenants. In my role I manage various inquiries while balancing the daily tasks. Our department contributes to the tech sector by hosting events that enable tenants to cluster together, network and hopefully collaborate on new innovative concepts.

The flexibility and freedom of my position was a pleasant surprise. I am trusted to manage my workload and schedule independently, while meeting team deadlines and goals.

Innovation Place is Saskatoon’s most beautiful secret. A common misconception is that we are simply a commercial real estate company, but we are far more than that. We offer a variety of unique amenities and services and have breathtaking grounds. My favourite spot in the park is definitely the Garden Park. It provides an instant wave of serenity, and I can’t help but smile watching the koi fish in the summer.

The work/life balance at Innovation Place is great. I really value being able to take a walk through the park when I need clear mind space.

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