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Pure Roots Partners with UBC to Study Benefits of Indoor Farming

Pure Roots announced an exciting new partnership with the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Land and Food Systems (LFS) Core Series. LFS strives to use real-world examples to prepare students to address issues surrounding food, health, and the environment and this year the students will study the carbon footprint of indoor farming using Grow Solutions’ AeroPod technology. The project will focus on how communities can reap the benefits of indoor farming while minimizing the impact and carbon footprint of the energy-intensive process.

Pure Roots provided the group of UBC undergraduate students with the materials and processes the company will use in manufacturing its facilities, growing, processing, and delivering food. "Our goal is to use a data-driven approach to improve the energy efficiency of our growing system," said Lena Syrovy, Vice President of Agronomy at Pure Roots in the press release.

According to the press release, one AeroPod can produce 22x more kale annually compared with outdoor production in the same footprint. "With greenhouse gas emissions being one of the most pressing issues facing our generation, we believe energy consumption must be included in the conversation on vertical farming," said Syrovy.

The first Pure Roots Urban Farm is opening in Surrey, B.C. later this year. Pure Roots tells Innovation Place it would love to have an Urban Farm in Saskatoon and though they have had several interested and serious partners, nothing is confirmed in Saskatoon yet.

Pure Roots is a tenant at Innovation Place in Saskatoon and focuses on connecting people to their food. Its Urban Farms grow a variety of produce with the lowest possible emission footprint directly in cities.

Congrats to Pure Roots on this amazing partnership with UBC LSF and for expanding its vision helping educate communities on food using innovative technology!

For more information, , please read the press release about Pure Roots’ partnership with UBC LFS.

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- February 20, 2020