Innovation Saskatchewan is responsible for implementing the province’s innovation priorities and helping grow Saskatchewan’s tech sector. Effective April 2022, this includes operation of the Innovation Place technology parks in Saskatoon and Regina.

Tech Tips...with Melanie Morrison

How To Start Your Own Tech Company

Recently, we spoke with BetterCart CEO and Founder Melanie Morrison about the new What’s In Stock app and took the opportunity to get some entrepreneurial advice. We asked Melanie what she recommends for people hoping to start their own tech company, especially if they’re new to the tech world.

Check out her top three tech tips below!

01 Start Talking to People

Make that first connection. "For example," Melanie says, "phone Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK) or Co.Labs. Apply for a program like Co.Launch and learn about the tech world (and you only need an idea!).” Look up an organization online. In these organizations, it’s those people's job to be receptive to those who need help and to be kind.

Try reaching out to people in businesses that you admire or want to emulate. (Melanie is always happy to help the best she can when someone emails her!

02 Sign Up for (Free) Events

Try to expand your understanding of what has to happen in order for you to succeed and try to understand some of the networks and how to find out about them. “Reach out and put yourself out there,” says Melanie.

Currently, there are also a ton of online (and free!) events like the Co.Learn Speaker Series and Innovation Place webinars, to name a few. (Subscribe to the weekly Scene newsletter for more information on events or follow Innovation Place on twitter.)

03 Get a Mentor

Melanie received this advice courtesy of Co.Labs' Jordan Dutchak after completing Co.Launch and joining the Co.Labs program. Dutchak advised her to learn from an entrepreneur who's six months ahead of where her company was, another who was one year ahead, another who was 18 months ahead, and finally someone who was 3-5 years into their company. This creates a spectrum of mentors, some very close to the current trajectory and others that see the big picture down the road.

These three tasks may seem daunting, but you may be surprised by the outpouring of support and kindness from the Saskatchewan tech community, says Melanie who has been really encouraged by the amount of support, kindness and mentorship shown. “It doesn't always happen in every environment, but it is in this tech ecosystem” says Melanie. “It's inspiring and it helps pave a way for people.”

Get out there, do your research, and start showing up! We look forward to seeing your future tech endeavours soar!

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- June 19, 2020