Innovation Saskatchewan is responsible for implementing the province’s innovation priorities and helping grow Saskatchewan’s tech sector. Effective April 2022, this includes operation of the Innovation Place technology parks in Saskatoon and Regina.

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Innovation Place tenant since

2 Research Drive

Innovation Place, Regina

Tell us about Shiverware!

Shiverware creates innovative mobile application solutions for human problems. Working in a wide array of technical fields, Shiverware has done everything from consulting with multi-national companies on Internet of Things integration, designing revolutionary music interfaces for musicians, establishing social networks for hair stylists, and conducting research and analysis for software tools that helped the Canadian Olympic swim team perfect their swimming technique.

Shiverware is dedicated to solving tenacious real-world problems that help clients add value to their existing products and services, whether it be mobile application design (native or hybrid), web development or UI/UX design.

Why do you love working in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is our home, providing both inspiration through its vast landscapes as well as convenient short walks or commutes to work in its urban centres. People who live here are very supportive, which helps small companies like Shiverware thrive. As well, the tech sector is growing in Saskatchewan thanks to a dedicated community of people passionate about technology.

What are the chall­enges of working in Saskat­chewan?

One of the largest challenges of working in Saskatchewan is the air travel time to client offices. Luckily, with the fast internet and great conference rooms at Innovation Place, we are able to conduct most of our meetings online.

What does the future of Saskatchewan tech look like to you?

The tech industry in Saskatchewan is changing quickly. At Shiverware’s inception, there were only a few disparate groups of tech enthusiasts; now, there are multiple incubators as well as knowledge groups. The momentum is growing quickly and it would be great to see some of the tech companies shifting toward solving Saskatchewan-specific problems. Investment into the technology sector will only increase the speed of growth and hopefully spur companies toward finding solutions for issues close at home.

How does Innovation Place help you thrive in Saskatchewan’s tech sector?

When looking for a business location, Innovation Place provided a number of attractive features. Innovation Place cultivates an environment where likeminded people with different skillsets can easily “bump into” each other. This has allowed Shiverware to make invaluable connections with other professionals and businesses, which in turn helps us solve problems faster. The space Innovation Place provides to its tenants has allowed us to expand when needed. Moreover, the lunch and learns allow a refreshing outside look at a wide range of topics.

Where’s your favourite spot at Innovation Place?

Our favourite spot at Innovation Place is the small area outside of the Terrace building. During the summer, the smell of the flowers, sound of the fountain and heat of the sun allow for a fantastic place to relax and think.

What’s the best advice you can give to people?


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