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Global Biotech Week in Saskatchewan Goes Digital with Nine Innovative Events

Global Biotech Week, a worldwide event to raise awareness and celebrate the innovative science of the biotech industry, is happening this year from September 28 to October 4. Biotech Week began in Canada in 2003 and went global in 2016 and remains an integral event in Saskatchewan due to the prominence of agricultural biotechnology activity, including developing areas such as genomics, plant-made pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, in the province.

This year, Ag-West Bio, a tenant at Innovation Place in Saskatoon and lead for Global Biotech Week activities in Saskatchewan, shifted all Saskatchewan activities online, both broadening accessibility and ensuring safety during the pandemic while keeping things just as fun and informative!

Here are nine fantastic (and free!) events you should check out during Global Biotech Week in Saskatchewan.

01 Face to Face with a Real Scientist!

Students can get face to face (virtually of course!) with working scientists to ask questions about research!
The event is FREE and teachers can contact Zach Fellows at Ag in the Classroom for more information.

02 Startupville Podcast: The Biotech Week Edition

Startupville, brought to you by Innovation Place and Martin Charlton Communications, will talk biotech with three bioscience companies located right here at Innovation Place! Innovation Place in Saskatoon is home to multiple bioscience companies that contribute to the strong Ag Tech cluster in the park and province.

03 Café Sci: Health and Social Benefits of GMO Crops

Join Dr. Stuart Smyth for a special Global Biotech Week edition of Café Sci and discuss the intricacies of agriculture and biotechnology and how it has transformed our food and crops grown around the world.
The event is FREE and you can register online here.

04 Business 101: Startup Bioscience Companies with Brent Zettl

Join Brent Zettl, CEO and President of ZYUS Life Sciences, a tenant at Innovation Place in Saskatoon, for the inaugural ABIC Speaker Series! Brent will share his business knowledge from over 30 years of experience in the agriculture and bioscience industry.
The event is FREE and you can register online here.

05 Science with Styles!

Join John Styles, Trail Boss/Hooch Maker at Outlaw Trail Spirits Distillery, for a virtual tour of the distillery and to learn the ins and outs of beverage making from prairie agricultural inputs to fermentation.
The event is FREE and event registration is coming soon!

06 The Amazing Biotech Race

Who says the Amazing Biotech Race can’t be digital? This year students from Sask Polytechnic and high schools will join forces via Zoom Rooms to visit local companies, answer skill-testing questions and search for clues!
Teachers/companies can contact Blaine Chartrand to get involved.

07 Unbelievable! Science communication for a skeptical world

Join Ag-West Bio and science writer Michael Robin to explore the consequences of disbelief in science-backed evidence and creative ways to address misinformation.
The event is FREE and you can register online here.

08 Science of Beer

Enough said, right? Join Regina’s Warehouse District Breweries for a virtual beer tasting and panel discussion on the science behind craft beer! Bring your favourite beverage and join the party online. Event registration is coming soon!

09 Find Felix the Helix

It’s everyone’s favourite wily guy mascot and this year he’s popping up in a few different places! Spot him, capture him (with your camera!) and send in a photo to Ag-West Bio to enter a draw from some cool prizes.

For more information on Global Biotech Week in Saskatchewan, please visit the website.

Global Biotech Week in Saskatchewan is led by Ag-West Bio. As Saskatchewan’s bioeconomy catalyst, Ag-West Bio helps to grow biobusiness through support and mentoring, funding, strategic alliances, building networking opportunities and communications.

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- September 10, 2020