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Three Steps for Building a Stronger Company Culture

A strong company culture starts with strong leadership. That means it’s the job of the CEO, along with their leadership team, to define the company’s core values. With the expert knowledge of leadership and growth expert Jean-Guy LeBlanc, we’ve compiled three easy steps to start your journey building a stronger company culture.

01 Define your company’s core values

Core values are a handful of rules you define to help guide employees’ behaviour. Start by identifying what behaviours in the company that you, the leader, and your leadership team, find good and honourable. By looking at the commonalities between groups of behaviours, you can identify the overarching values that are important to you as leaders.

02 Repeat your core values often

Reinforcing your company’s core values encourages employees to behave in similar ways, allowing your company to move faster. When your core value are defined and reinforced, your job — and your employees’ job — gets easier allowing your company to focus on the big stuff.

03 Live by your core values

A common mistake leaders make is adopting core values that sound good, but aren’t reflective of the leaders. Leaders need to believe in the core values in order to live them and be good culture ambassadors to their employees. The old adage “actions speak louder than words” couldn't be more true!

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— January 21, 2021