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How to Fix Your Biggest Marketing Mistakes

Are you making these common marketing mistakes? Don't worry! We can help you fix them with these tips from marketing strategist Patti Haus!

Problem #1: Talking Too Much About Your Product or Service

Seems counterintuitive, I know. But imagine you struck up a conversation with someone and all they did was talk about themselves and how you can help them. That would be pretty boring, not to mention annoying. Speaking only about what your customers can do for you creates a one-way street that most won’t go down.

Solution: Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

Create two-way communication by demonstrating how your product or service benefits your customers. Share case studies and testimonials, product demos and behind the scenes info to build trust and engagement and give customers the information they need to know before they buy.

Problem #2: Highlighting Features Instead of Benefits

It’s really easy to highlight features, but unfortunately that doesn’t focus on the problem your potential customers are looking to solve.

Solution: Better Understand Your Customers

In order to highlight the benefits to your customers, you need to know what they need from you and how they're using your product. Just because you know how your product will make their lives better, doesn’t me they will, so tell them!

Problem #3: Not Understanding Your Customers

Basic demographics of customers like age and location don’t always help in creating conversions. You need to know deeper information about your customers like what motivates them or what appeals to them to create a meaningful connection.

Solution: Do Your Research!

Reach out to your customers to get their feedback. Start a conversation on social media through a prompt, send out a survey or even hop onto to different forums and do some mining.

Problem #4: You Don’t Have An Email List

Every business can use email marketing whether it’s to guide prospects through the buyer's journey or share information (like in a newsletter!). Email lists have higher organic reach than social media, plus you own your own traffic.

Solution: Start Building Your Email List

Simple, yes. People that sign up for email are directly invested in your company so start building your list and sending out periodic emails to build trust.

Problem #5: Lack of Marketing Strategy

In order to continually find new customers, you’re going to need a solid marketing strategy. Without one, your company runs the risk of becoming directionless, wasting money and time on channels that aren’t bringing results and losing out on customers to competitors. Plus! You’re losing a chance to create a deeper understanding of your customer base.

Solution: Develop a Strong Marketing Strategy

This one takes a bit more time, but if you use your customer knowledge and invest in creating customer-driven content, where to share it, create goals, measure your results and adjust as necessary, you’ll develop a great strategy that works!

Want to learn more? Watch our Brain Bites episode below on the Top 5 Marketing Mistakes and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! Get in touch with Patti Haus.

— February 18, 2021