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Three Social Media Self Care Tips

We know things have been intense in real life and online lately. Don’t worry, digital marketing strategist and Innovation Place tenant Katrina German is here to help you! Katrina gives us her best tips on how to keep your sanity online, especially when things are less than normal offline.

1. Find common ground

Social media, Facebook especially, may seem like your personal newsletter, but it’s actually a very sophisticated marketing platform with an algorithm designed to reinforce your behaviours.

Your personal algorithm will show you content that’s going to make you happy and keep you engaged on the platform, so it can be frustrating when you encounter an opinion that you don’t support.

Before you get too upset, try starting your conversation from a grey area. It can be a more responsible and powerful option than simply arguing in the comments section.

2. Turn off your notifications

Your biggest commodity is your attention and all social media platforms are vying for your attention.

Try being more intentional with your social media use by silencing notifications, creating designated times to check platforms, and making sure it’s the right time for you (and not just a distraction!).

3. Take a (digital) break

It’s all about balance, especially as the line between work and life remains blurry. Take a moment for yourself whether it’s no social media on the weekends, setting a specific time for social media, or maybe just some solo scrolling through Pinterest to unwind. Take time for what really matters to you.

Want to learn more? Watch our Brain Bites episode below on how to take care of yourself on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! Get in touch with Katrina German.

— March 5, 2021