Innovation Saskatchewan is responsible for implementing the province’s innovation priorities and helping grow Saskatchewan’s tech sector. Effective April 2022, this includes operation of the Innovation Place technology parks in Saskatoon and Regina.

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Innovation Place Tenants Celebrate Earth Day

Sustainability is key at Innovation Place. We have a long history of promoting environmental sustainability and incorporating it into all aspects of our work from our sustainable building designs to robust recycling programs to environmental education.

This year, we asked our tenants how they take care of the earth and are celebrating Earth Day and the responses were incredible. Take a look below and if you feel inspired, tell us how you celebrate Earth Day by tagging us on social media or emailing. Tenants were entered into a draw for a grand prize of a rain barrel or Google Nest Thermostat. Congratulations to winners Sonia Vanderby at Health Quality Council and Fran Crisci at the Roy Romanow Provincial Lab. Happy Earth Day!

Jasmine Hanson, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“My favourite way to take care of the earth is to eat local. We are so lucky to grow delicious, high quality, healthy food right here in Saskatchewan, so my family grows a big garden for all our fruits and veggies and gets all our meat from small local family farms!”

Melinda Zerr, Praxis Consulting (Innovation Place, Regina)

“My family cleans the park behind the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Center every year for Earth Day. This year, we got a large black trash bag from just one of the shorelines!”

Al Shpyth, International Minerals Innovation Institute (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“International Minerals Innovation Institute is supporting an Alternative Energy Systems Innovation Challenge and has recently selected two finalists to share a $500,000 prize to advance new to mining technologies.”

Fran Crisci, Roy Romanow Provincial Lab (Innovation Place, Regina)

“What I do for earth day is something that I do all the time actually. I definitely recycle, insist the lights are off if not in that particular room and in the evenings, I typically use candles instead of electricity.”

Ryan Merkosy, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“Saving our planet is something very near and dear to me. Some of the steps I’ve taken to help in taking care of our earth include biking more, purchasing sustainable non-toxic everyday household items (e.g., safety razors, biodegradable soaps and cleaners), reducing our home power usage by 25% and eating a vegan diet. My family is also planning on purchasing an EV and installing solar panels in the very near future. For Earth Day this year our family is planning on taking a walk and enjoying and discussing our local biodiversity and teaching our little boys why it’s important to us.”

Ashley Hancock, ZYUS Life Sciences (Innovation Place, Sasktoon)

“We are going to celebrate Earth day by planting some seeds for our own garden this year!”

Jayne Alexander, Mentor Graphics (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“What do I do to take care of the Earth? Compost as much as I can, grow my own food in the summer, use only cloth/reusable grocery and produce bags and rehome unwanted items and clothing instead of throwing them away. How am I going to celebrate Earth Day this year? In my COVID-safe backyard, weather permitting.”

Michelle Fritz, Roy Romanow Provincial Lab (Innovation Place, Regina)

“Happy Earth Day! My daughter has flower seeds she received from the Easter Bunny!! Earth Day will be a great day to plant those in her little pot! We recycle and we have planted 12 trees in our yard since moving in 4 years ago.”

Lala Ramos, Saskatchewan Research Council (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“We do composting, which we will eventually use for our flower and vegetable gardens. Also we sort out our recycles from garbage. Hoping to grow our own 'food forest' in our own yard to live greener and fresher.”

Innovation Saskatchewan team, Innovation Saskatchewan (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“We are celebrating Earth Day with a focus on our clean tech sector. Seven Saskatchewan tech companies recently went through the Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Program with great success!”

Riley Agopsowicz, Roy Romanow Provincial Lab (Innovation Place, Regina)

“As the supervisor of the water quality laboratory, we pride ourselves in making responsible earth-wise decisions in our processes. Recycling and being less wasteful are two of our main focuses. Your message has inspired me to challenge our group to continue to make sound earth-friendly choices while thinking about ways to improve further. I will celebrate by enjoying my 3:00 walk with Carla and Kristin around the campus; enjoying the outdoors.”

Anne Donauer, Nutrien Ag Solutions (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“The way my family and I take care of the earth is by reusing what products we can and recycling the ones we can’t. We strive to buy biodegradable products whenever possible. We will be celebrating Earth Day by planting 40 Dogwood trees on our acreage.”

Carrie Bailey, Roy Romanow Provincial Lab (Innovation Place, Regina)

“We are privileged enough to live on 40 acres of rolling hills dappled with quiet meadows and small ponds. To celebrate Earth Day in our family we take a long nature walk with the kids, snapping pictures of the wild flowers that are beginning to bloom and have a picnic outside, quietly watching for deer, rabbits, fox or if we are really lucky, moose or elk. We visit our melting ponds and talk about how water levels rise and fall, and watch the ducks, geese and the odd pelican swim. We spend a long, glorious amount of time enjoying the birds chirping and the sun’s warm rays. Our Earth days are passed by appreciating Mother Nature in all of her glory and raising our kids to do the same.”

Li Tan, Saskatchewan Research Council (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“Recently changed all lightbulbs in my house to more energy efficient LEDs and I’m also trying to bike everyday to help lower my carbon footprint. Happy Earth Day!”

Sonia Vanderby, Health Quality Council (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“Protecting the environment is part of my daily life. Some of the key things I do are recycle, compost, and I avoid driving as much as possible. I was the champion for introducing the Innovation Place composting program at the Health Quality Council. I also bike everywhere I can. For example, I bike to work at Innovation Place (and by the way, I LOVE the bike cage — thank you for having that secure option!). I bike all through the winter (until it hits -30C, then I have to get a ride, but in 3 years, that has only happened 4 days). I made it through 2019 using only 3 tanks of gas in my car (the only vehicle in my household) and used my bike for everything from getting groceries, going to work, going to church, and just for leisure. Today in particular, I have resolved not to use my car.”

Chelsea Agopsowicz, Roy Romanow Provincial Lab (Innovation Place, Regina)

“We have installed all Water sense dual flush toilets in our home as well as all new LED lights in our basement finish!”

Alix Cruickshank, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“To celebrate Earth Day this year I will be taking part in the Drive Electric Earth Day event hosted by SaskEV on April 24, 2021. The drive-in movie event will promote the adoption of electric vehicles and the ways that switching to electrified transportation can help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce our global impact on Climate Change. I am a volunteer board member with SaskEV Society Inc., a registered non-profit organization that advocates for the adoption of EVs and strives to educate the public on the many benefits of EVs. ”

Judy Ng, Saskatchewan Research Council (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“Almost every day, I will bring my food waste (veg, egg shelled, etc.) to work because they have compost waste bins for us to use. I support anything to help the earth for it is good for us, my kids, my grandkids and the next generations.”

Taylor Melnychuk, Canadian Isotope Innovations (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“I take care of the earth by staying conscious of my water usage. While getting ready for the day I turn off the tap when not using it and try to take short showers. This year I celebrated Earth Day by enjoying the warm weather, my coworker and I went longboarding around Innovation Place on our break yesterday.”

Berry Cesselli, Roy Romanow Provincial Lab (Innovation Place, Regina)

“My household practices the three R’s every day! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Every day is Earth Day!"

Growth Facilities Team, Nutrien Ag Solutions (Innovation Place, Saskatoon)

“At Nutrien, we are committed to our Sustainability Journey. This Earth Day we recognize the Growth Facilities Team for their initiative to reuse plastic greenhouse pots. Over the past year we have prevented over 25,000 pots from ending up at the landfill.”

- April 22, 2021