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Three Ways To Incorporate A Customer Focus Into Your Startup To Gain Success

The startups environment is dynamic: it’s exciting, innovative and fast-paced as young companies keep one eye on customers and one eye on competitors. It is also tough: about 90% of startups fail within the first 5 years.

B2B Technology Marketing Advisor Theresa Marcroft wants to change that so more young companies are able to thrive. Theresa’s #1 piece of advice for how startups can become successful and beat the odds is the customer-centric company always wins. Building in a customer focus into every aspect of the company helps increase your chance of success and stand the test of time.

Let’s break down three ways your company can incorporate a customer focus.

1. Customer Mindset

Understanding how your customer thinks about the technology, service or product your company is offering affects the way you are able to effectively market it.

Incorporating the customer mindset, like an early or late adopter, will dictate your messaging, pricing, product support, distribution and a lot more!

2. Clearly Communicate Differentiation

What makes your company and its product or service different from another?

Being able to differentiate your company in terms of customer value is important! Differentiating by technology attributes is not as meaningful to your customer as differentiating by customer benefits. Give your customers a clear reason to buy your product or service, rather than the competitor’s.

3. Simplify Your Message

Keep your value proposition short and sweet. Having an incredibly detailed message may seem like a good idea, but it is actually distracting and can take away from your value proposition.

Want to be even more secure in your company’s future? Here’s a bonus idea: Consider putting someone with a customer-focus on your Board! Adding the marketing perspective to the Boardroom can be a smart and helpful strategy!

Want to learn more? Watch our Brain Bites episode below on how young companies can be successful and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! Get in touch with Theresa Marcroft.

— April 16, 2021