Innovation Saskatchewan is responsible for implementing the province’s innovation priorities and helping grow Saskatchewan’s tech sector. Effective April 2022, this includes operation of the Innovation Place technology parks in Saskatoon and Regina.

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Meet the Tenants

Digital Integration Centre of Excellence

Innovation Place tenant since
DICE moved into Innovation Place in early 2021.

121 Research Drive

Innovation Place, Saskatoon

DICE director Dr. Terry Peckham tells us how the Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE) at Saskatchewan Polytechnic will enhance the innovation ecosystem in Saskatchewan, why they're all about connection and collaboration and how they simply cannot function without computers!

Tell us about the Digital Integration Centre of Excellence!

DICE is a Saskatchewan Polytechnic applied research centre and Saskatchewan’s first Technology Access Centre (TAC) funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Innovation Saskatchewan.

DICE works collaboratively with various industry partners to help solve their data challenges — particularly those related to data integrity, data transmission and data analysis and storage.

Businesses, industries and non-profits work with DICE on data issues or challenges. This can be as basic as to how to identify usable business statistics or as complex as using machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure constant process optimization on a production line.

What is DICE's proudest achievement?

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s DICE is Saskatchewan’s first TAC. A TAC is a state-of-the-art applied research and innovation centre, affiliated with a Canadian college or cégep, that provides companies with access to cutting-edge technology and equipment as well as a multi-disciplinary team with the expertise to turn brilliant ideas into market-ready products.

The DICE TAC will enhance the innovation ecosystem within Saskatchewan by helping bring people and ideas together for our companies and industry.

How has DICE adapted during the pandemic?

DICE is a Saskatchewan Polytechnic applied research centre. During the pandemic Saskatchewan Polytechnic pivoted to having most employees work remotely. This was an easy transition for DICE since we are used to a digital culture. Most of the DICE team continues to work remotely.

What’s one thing DICE cannot function without?

Computers! DICE simply cannot function without computers.

Why do you love working in Saskatchewan?

I grew up in rural Saskatchewan where everybody knows everybody and you always bump into someone you know. In Saskatchewan you help out your neighbours and that’s what we try to do at DICE. We want to get to know our neighbours and help them solve their digital problems. We are excited to be a part of the Saskatchewan technology ecosystem.

What does the future of Saskatchewan tech look like to you?

The Saskatchewan technology industry looks bright! There is a push in the province to create a symbiotic ecosystem to collaborate and help each other build something great. I see lots of different industries, including mining and agriculture, adopting new technology. I also see exciting collaborations taking place between post-secondary and private companies.

Farmers are master inventors — they are always finding unique ways to solve a problem. The Saskatchewan technology industry has a similar mentality; we too are working together to find new and unique ways to solve problems.

How does Innovation Place help you thrive in Saskatchewan’s tech sector? (We had to ask!)

Innovation Place is a hub where industry and academics can come together and collaborate. It’s an exciting ecosystem of young, bright minds and sage, experienced experts moving companies forward. DICE is all about supporting this unique and collaborative culture.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you give to people?

Don’t be scared to take a chance on things; often the results are far better than anticipated!

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