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Interview with CEOs of Waggle Mail and Omnee Technologies

Breaking Through To New Markets

You won’t want to miss our next virtual Pi O’Clock on Friday, March 11 with special guests Dr. Christine Beck, Founder and CEO at Waggle Mail, and Dave Johnston, Founder and CEO at Omnee Technologies!

Both companies are primed for big success with Waggle Mail, a data-driven veterinary-curated subscription box for dogs and their parents, ready to attack a huge market opportunity, and Omnee, a full-service personal property manager, ready to redefine how residential homeowners maintain and improve their homes.

As a tasty little treat, Christine and Dave give you the inside scoop on the problems they’re solving with unique solutions, some hot pie choices and even hotter gossip! Read below and don’t forget to register for Pi O’Clock!

What problem is your company trying to solve?

Christine: Dog owners are now dog parents who humanize their dogs and demand personalized, quality products they can trust, that are delivered in a convenient way. There is currently no convenient way for pet parents to source vet-recommended products and information that aligns with their unique dogs’ age, breed and need. That’s where Waggle Mail comes in!

Dave: A single-family home almost always comes with a never-ending to-do list and there’s a growing segment of homeowners who can’t keep up. Whether it’s a lack of knowledge, confidence or time, the only viable options are to let the work pile up or hire a number of specialized service providers to do the work as needed. Unfortunately, 8/10 experiences hiring home service providers are negative ones, and it’s a stressful, time-consuming process either way. We’re gonna obliterate this problem!

What’s unique about your solution?

Christine: We launched into the market with a dog subscription box model where the industry standard is a simple box of treats and toys based loosely on the weight of a dog. We, on the other hand, are a veterinary founded company that curates boxes with only the highest quality goods by using over seven different data attributes. For example, their age (puppy vs. adult vs. senior), breed differences and any allergies or lifestyle needs. No two Waggle Mail boxes are alike. Our subscribers also have access to a personal dashboard where they can update their profile in live time and access other services (in development).

Dave: Property managers have been taking the pain out of property ownership for over a century. Single-family homeowners don’t typically need the management of occupancy and finances, but having their property maintenance and improvement taken care of by a one-stop expert source adds tremendous value. Omnee has built the systems and technology to make property management accessible and affordable for middle-income homeowners.

Personal property management really isn’t even a thing yet, except perhaps for the top segment of income earners, and still, they usually have to hire out the different specialized service providers individually. So, we are innovating all over the place! I probably don’t have enough space here to get into the minutia of how our systems are unique and far more efficient than the way things are currently being done! [editor’s note: but he probably will at Pi O’Clock!]

Teaser time! What insider info are you dropping at Pi O’Clock?

Christine: A new product launch date!

Dave: There are a few secrets I could drop, but perhaps one of the most exciting and cool things that nobody knows yet is that, by the end of 2022, homeowners will have access to a 3D scan of their entire home and property where they will be able to zoom in on any room, click on any serviceable component (e.g., appliances, furnace) and have instant access to things like warranty info and user manuals. They’ll also be able to measure rooms, try out different colours and so much more. This is all going to be accessible through the Omnee app.

Favourite flavour of pie?

Christine: Rhubarb!

Dave: I’m such a boring person…apple.

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- February 25, 2022