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Four Reasons Why You Need A Mentor

The Saskatchewan tech community likes to say that a rising tide lifts all ships — we support each other and help each other succeed. We’re pretty much a community made up of an endless cycle of mentors and mentees! So, as the year winds down and we all begin to think about our goals for the next, here are four reasons why you should get a mentor to help you with your next steps.

01 Get A New Perspective

Many people hit a stalling point in their career progression even though they may be doing everything right! Having an experienced and unique perspective from a mentor lets you consider new ways to tackle a problem, find new paths in your trajectory or even just develop more skills.

Melanie Morrison, CEO and Founder of BetterCart, has a spectrum of mentors — one six months ahead of her company, another 12 months ahead, one 18 months ahead and lastly one 3-5 years ahead — so she's well prepared for the roadblocks and experiences ahead.

02 Enhance Your Chance For Success

Mentorship is instrumental to success, especially for startups. Mentors offer a wealth of experience to learn from, like tackling government policies and business regulations to avoiding potential roadblocks and pitfalls. Good mentors can help demystify processes and provide clarity, clearing your pathway to success.

03 Hear Some Real Talk

Great mentors always seem to know exactly where faults lie… and let you know it. Mentors can deliver the unbiased constructive criticism you need to hear to improve certain areas you may not recognize need improvement, or may be denying need a little work. Mentors can call you out while also providing the next steps to improvement.

04 Feel Supportive Encouragement

A great mentor becomes your cheerleader: they pump you up, listen to your ideas (and maybe rants) and connect you to new networks. Being able to rely on a trusted mentor lets you seek advice or provide some accountability when it’s needed most and you may even see your self confidence flourish.

Make sure to keep an eye on Our Events in the new year and check out our Resources Archive and programs like Co.Labs Co.Launch, Raj Manek Mentorship Program, Cultivator Start Grow Scale and WESK Founders Table that can connect you with great mentors. Good luck on your mentorship quest!

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- December 11, 2020