An Innovation Place Partnership Program

Google Cloud for Startups

Helping startups build and scale with a strong foundation by providing access to product credits, training and community.

The Google Cloud for Startups Program wants to help startups focus on their ideas, innovate and grow into the next great company. We work with a network of VC firms and accelerators that help startups thrive.

The Details

Startups in the program can access Google Cloud credits and other benefits tailored to their specific size, stage, funding raised and other factors. Once your startup is connected with Google Cloud, you'll have access to resources you need to grow and succeed.

Get Started
  • Start off by using this Cloud Setup Checklist to help you quickly set up Google Cloud for scalable, production-ready workloads.
  • Next, redeem your credits for a Cloud Support Plan. You can raise tickets for technical support directly from your Cloud console, as well as get free Firebase Support and access to Cloud experts.
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