Innovation Saskatchewan is responsible for implementing the province’s innovation priorities and helping grow Saskatchewan’s tech sector. Effective April 2022, this includes operation of the Innovation Place technology parks in Saskatoon and Regina.

Year In Advice

Meet the Tenants Roundup

The New Year brings with it a desire to create fresh goals and renew old commitments and what better way to achieve success in the future than by looking at what got us here in the past.

We're rounding up all the amazing advice from our park community from our 2021 Meet the Tenants series to celebrate their achievements in another difficult year and maybe inspire some resolutions as well. Happy New Year!

“Take care of your employees and clients and they will take care of you!”Axon Software team

Axon Software is the only trucking company software that is totally integrated in realtime, meaning their system automatically and instantly updates with dispatch, billing, pay information and more for its users.

Axon has diversified its corporate portfolio to include a Fuel Compliance division eTrucks and full-service branded merchandise company STEALTH Media and continues to build and grow in Saskatchewan and provide industry-leading software products.

“Listen, make connections and watch for partnerships. The opportunities are there. They’re just waiting to be found.”Calian, Advanced Technologies team

Calian, Advanced Technologies has been at Innovation Place since 1987 and in that time has grown to be a competitive global supplier of communication systems, products and services.

Calian, Advanced Technologies remains proudly headquartered in Saskatchewan and firmly rooted in Saskatoon, continuing to add numerous jobs to the tech sector and attract attention to Saskatchewan tech globally.

“Don’t be scared to take a chance on things; often the results are far better than anticipated!”Dr. Terry Peckham at DICE

The Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE) at Saskatchewan Polytechnic is an applied research centre and Saskatchewan’s first Technology Access Centre. DICE works collaboratively with industry partners to help solve data challenges, particularly related to data integrity, data transmission and data analysis and storage.

DICE moved to Innovation Place in early 2021 to connect with our ecosystem of industry, academics and students and has already become a key pillar in our collaborative culture.

“Continuous improvement or quality improvement can be and is applied across every industry. Our advice: continuous improvement is never done — it’s an ongoing process of incremental improvement that, over time, can yield great rewards, provide new opportunities and engage partners and staff in new and exciting ways. Just don’t forget to measure along the way!”Health Quality Council team

The Saskatchewan Health Quality Council (HQC) is an independent organization that accelerates improvements in health care across the province through training and education, improvement initiatives and research.

Established at Innovation Place in 2002, HQC has had a pivotal role establishing a focus on quality health care in Saskatchewan and has supported the adoption of continuous quality improvement as a cornerstone of the Saskatchewan health system.

“I try not to provide or accept unsolicited advice. Since you asked though, my advice would be: don’t listen to advice. Consult subject matter experts for the answers you need, but for general advice, trust your gut, pray or consult the I Ching — nobody else has the answer.” David Greenshields at Insight Plant Health

Insight Plant Health is an agricultural service company that provides solutions to the plant health problems of other businesses by providing plant disease identification services, plant health product testing, development services and more.

Launched at Innovation Place during the pandemic, Insight Plant Health is already thriving and contributing to the advancing Ag Tech sector with its unique boutique laboratory services.

“Do your best to make informed decisions but you will never have all the information you need; at some point, you just need to believe in your own instincts.”Valerie Sluth at Praxis Consulting

Praxis Consulting is a full-service management consulting firm working with organizations to provide corporate strategy, market research and more and has recently developed an online research panel that allows them to gather opinion data from First Nations, Metis and Inuit people across Canada.

Praxis has been a part of the Innovation Place community since 2011 and has continued to drive the Saskatchewan tech sector by collaborating with burgeoning companies and supporting their success with creative and data-driven solutions.

"This province is a great place to build a tech company and here at Innovation Saskatchewan we have many programs and supports available to make those dreams come true! So our advice: whatever your dream is, explore it. There’s a ton of supportive programs to take advantage of to bring your dream to life!"Innovation Saskatchewan team

Innovation Saskatchewan is a government agency that provides recommendation and advice on research, development, science and technology to the Saskatchewan government.

Since 2009, Innovation Saskatchewan has worked with numerous industry partners to fund research and development projects, support commercialization of new products, provide programming opportunities and much more to help the Saskatchewan tech sector to continue to grow and triple by 2030.

“Right now, we can’t help but reiterate what we’re hearing everywhere — wash your hands, wear a mask, keep your distance and follow all public health measures.”Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation team

Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) is the provincial funding agency that funds, supports and promotes the impact of health research that matters to Saskatchewan.

SHRF has been with Innovation Place since its beginning in 2003 and has become a trusted conveyor of information, knowledge and expertise to multiple groups and continues to partner with and provide investment to research and innovation in the province.

“Reach out to Ag-West Bio if you want to grow your network. We can help startups make the connections they need! Sign up for our weekly update to keep an eye on what’s happening in Saskatchewan’s bioscience/agri-value sector.”Ag-West Bio team

Ag-West Bio is Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association and aims to grow biobusiness or agri-value business in the province by helping entrepreneurs and startups, and by attracting companies to come to Saskatchewan to do business.

Ag-West Bio has been firmly rooted in the Innovation Place community since 1997, providing funding and support to early-stage companies and in 2021 become one of the founding partners of the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP), helping accelerate Saskatchewan’s Ag Tech sector.

- January 7, 2022