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Make An Impact!

Make An Impact!

The benefits of recycling and composting are well-documented: it promotes environmental responsibility, reduces waste in landfills, saves energy and more! But, did you know it can be great for your company too?

Research shows that setting up a recycling and composting program that promotes sustainability in your office can help you attract and retain employees, build community and even save money!

Interested in recycling and composting? We can help!

  • Contact us to get a compost bin for your office
  • Use our tri-stream bins throughout the park to quickly compost and recycle food waste, cardboard, beverage containers and more
  • Drop off your e-waste, like computers, audio equipment, cameras and phones, off at our e-waste bins
  • Recycle your batteries at our Call2Recycle battery recycling station in Saskatoon

For more information on how you can be environmentally sustainable, visit our Tenant Resources site and check out our interactive maps for recycling locations in Regina and Saskatoon.

Design Concepts: Where Digital Meets Physical

Design Concepts: Where Digital Meets Physical

Moving forward, offices will be critical tools for organizations to remain competitive in the workforce and foster innovation and growth in the workplace. Creating a compelling workplace that supports employees’ physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing is paramount in creating a shared sense of purpose and community, not to mention producing some killer ideas.

In our new four-part series on design approaches, we’ll explore a variety of workplace strategies and design concepts that you could implement into your workplaces. Last, but not least, we focus on the integration of physical space and technology.

We’ve talked about the importance of balance and flexibility in the workplace and nothing illustrates it better (or tests our theories more) like a hybrid work environment, specifically hybrid meetings. When we consider bridging the gap between in-person and remote meeting participants, we think the three Es: Equity, Engagement and Ease.

We’ve equipped our meeting rooms with new equipment and services to ease digital meetings and you can too! Here are a few things you can do to your spaces if you want to incorporate the three Es into your meetings:

  1. Add additional monitors, and maybe a rolling cart, to an existing conference room. Creating more points of contact will better facilitate dialogue and create a sense of inclusion for all meeting attendees.
  2. Upgrade to a software system that supports splitting people and content onto separate displays.
  3. Enhance meeting engagement with angled or mobile tables, additional lighting, extra speakers, in-room microphones and easy-to-move marker boards and displays.
  4. Incorporate easily accessible and readily available power supplies, whiteboards and other software solutions for individual devices.

Interested in reconsidering your current space? Contact your Property Manager and our Innovation Place Project Management team will help you figure out the perfect office design.

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